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Doing a Remote Control Session while Scanning a Subnet

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By Chris Nicholl

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Posted: 24 Mar 2005

PROBLEM: Our agency uses different utilities to manage and scan our network. We find these useful from time to time to perform a quick IP-based scan of a specific office or subnet. We needed a way to integrate a quick remote control session via ZENworks when doing a scan. After a bit of searching and some experimentation I found how to do this from the command line.

SOLUTION: We are using Holger Dopp's Zenwsbrowser to augment our (somewhat slower) ConsoleOne. This is used most of the time, but whenever we wanted use our IP scanner (we use angryIP from angryzibber) we would have to switch to another app to use ZENworks Remote.

We used the directions from zenwsbrowser that get the desktop.exe from the ZENworks companion CD2 \desktop\ and expand this to your chosen directory on the C: drive. (This is just a canned version of Consoleone/ZENworks only.) We then integrated Zenwsbrowser like normal.

Once this is working you can then setup a command line launch by adding the following line as your execution string in Angry. This is done when right-clicking on the IP address that shows up after a scan is performed and adding an additional "open computer" option. We are now able to remote control a pc based on its IP address.

Works like a charm if you like to do scans of a subnet and then quickly remote control a user/workstation.


C:\yourchosendir\bin\zen\RcLaunch\RCConsole.exe" -n"TREENAME" -c"Remote Control" -t"0" -s"2" -a"%s" -p"npgb"
  • yourchosendir = bet you can figure that one out...
  • TREENAME = your Tree
  • %s = is actually the ip address variable from angry. This could also just be any ipaddress of a system that is running ZENworks Agent. Just use an ip after the -a"".

If you have any questions you may contact Christopher at (Be sure to delete the "takethisout" phrase from the email address.)

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