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Notify Announces Enhanced Enterprise Mobility Solution For Novell GroupWise Users

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Posted: 24 Mar 2005

New Solution Supports Synchronization of Both Wired and Wireless Devices for Email, Calendar, Contacts and Task Information

March 22, 2005 - Notify Technology Corporation announced at Novell's BrainShare Conference 2005 that it has enhanced its current NotifyLink Enterprise Edition for GroupWise product to support both wired and wireless mobile devices. For the past two years, Notify has released products focused on providing the best "wireless" synchronization of email, calendar, contact, and task information aspect of GroupWise mobility. At the same time, Notify recognized that there are numerous users who have Palm and Windows Mobile devices with no wireless connection that represent a large segment of the GroupWise mobility market as they continue to use a "wired" Palm or Windows Mobile device. The term "wired" implies that a non wireless Palm or Windows Mobile device is utilizing a cradle or some form of cable connection to synchronize email, calendar, contact, and task information in conjunction with the user's desktop PC. Novell GroupWise organizations have been faced with using two separate solutions for synchronizing email, calendar, contacts, and task information for wireless devices and for wired devices. With today's announcement, Notify can now provide Novell GroupWise organizations with a single enterprise mobility solution for both wired and wireless devices for email, calendar, contact, and task synchronization thus eliminating the need for multiple solutions.

"We are very excited about adding this new functionality to our NotifyLink solution,"

"Our Novell GroupWise customers have been asking for a single enterprise solution for mobility and we are now making it available to them."

Paul DePond, President
Notify Technology Corporation

By enhancing its NotifyLink Enterprise Edition for GroupWise to handle both wireless and wired devices, the new product will provide organizations with a seamless migration path from wired to wireless devices. Users who start with a "wired" device will have a simplified migration path as they convert to using a wireless device. The NotifyLink Enterprise Edition for GroupWise will provide Palm and Windows Mobile wired device users with the ability to synchronize their "wired" devices anywhere where a cradle or connection is available to access their network.

NotifyLink Enterprise Edition For Novell GroupWise Features

  • Wired and Wireless Synchronization of email, calendar, contacts, and tasks
  • End to End Encryption using AES and Triple DES
  • Support for Blackberry, Palm, and Windows Mobile wired and wireless devices
  • Multiple Wireless Network Support including 802.11x
  • Simple to use Web Client Interface for Admin and End User configuration
  • Enterprise Scalable System Architecture
  • Integrates with Novell's GroupWise Trusted Application and eDirectory

For a complete list of product features, please visit

Supported Devices

The NotifyLink Enterprise Edition for GroupWise will support any Blackberry, Palm, or Windows Mobile wireless or wired device. Visit Notify's web site at for more information on specific wireless and wired device models supported.


The NotifyLink Enterprise Edition for Novell GroupWise V3.2 is now available directly from Notify as well as through Notify's agents, partners and resellers. To get more information on how to evaluate or purchase the NotifyLink Enterprise Edition for GroupWise please contact the Notify sales department at (408) 777-7930 or send an email to

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