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Deploying iFolder Behind a Firewall

Novell Cool Solutions: Trench
By Russell Cohen

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Posted: 6 May 2002

There are so many nifty things you can do with iFolder, we know we can't think of them all. We're conducting an iFolder Tip Contest where if you send us a tip we can use, we'll give you a Novell t-shirt and a couple of minutes in the blinding strobe lights of Cool Solutions fame. Here is one of the fine entries we received.

This is something that didn't appear to be very well documented at the time that I was attempting to deploy iFolder behind a Gauntlet firewall:

All the documentation we could find referred only to the requirement that Ports 80 and 443 (HTTP and HTTPS) needed to be open. Users were still unable to connect, however. Only later did we discover that Ports 389 and 636 (LDAP and Secure LDAP) are also required.

I think the solution is more widely known now, but could still be a "gotcha" for those attempting to implement iFolder in the enterprise.

Editor's Note:

Bear in mind that this applies only when the eDirectory used for authentication is located inside the firewall. Also, you only have to open up the port you are actually using, either 389 OR 636, not both.

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