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Re-directing "My Documents" Folder in Windows XP

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By Michael Roberts

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Posted: 6 May 2002

There are so many nifty things you can do with iFolder, we know we can't think of them all. We're conducting an iFolder Tip Contest where if you send us a tip we can use, we'll give you a Novell t-shirt and a couple of minutes in the blinding strobe lights of Cool Solutions fame. Here is one of the fine entries we received.

With the initial release of iFolder 1.0, you do not have the capability of specifying which folder you want to be "synched". But, I have found a slight work-around for this when using Windows XP. XP has a feature that allows you to re-direct where the "My Documents" folder is. I generally have all my files located on the D drive, so that if I need to format C and re-install the OS, my files are still intact.

To do this, go to Explorer, find My Documents, right click it and select Properties. The first tab is Target. Simply point that to your existing folder on your D drive and now your My Documents are on D. Since iFolder simply uses My Documents, it will now synch from within this folder on D.

Editor's Note:

This hint works for Win98/ME/NT/2000 as well. Just make sure you do not point My Documents to the iFolder home directory. It can get ugly. Because it will always build its structure under "My Documents", e.g. user changes My Documents to point to c:\My Documents\iFolder\jdoe\home, next time iFolder starts up it will point to c:\My Documents\iFolder\jdoe\home\iFolder\jdoe\home.

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