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Stashing Student's Files in iFolder

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By Angela Marquis

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Posted: 5 Jun 2002

Angela sent this in to the School Admin Tip Contest, and we thought you'd like to see it. Nice creative way to use iFolder to keep the kids from claiming their dog ate their homework.

Our students often complain of losing their work due to a floppy disk that went bad. Now we are using iFolder so they can travel around with all their files. Each student has a network drive where iFolder points (we change the location of the My Documents folder to their networked drive). They save files there from any computer around campus and once they sync they can access their files at home or upload new files. We expect that 600 of our students will be using it soon as they say goodbye to old fashioned floppy diskettes.

In addition we will soon be using iFolder to save the students Favorites folder so they can be accessed anywhere around campus and at home.

If you have any questions you may contact Angela at

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