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Recover iFolder Documents from Accidental Overwriting

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By Andreas Bach

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Posted: 5 Jun 2002

Version: Novell iFolder 1.0

First of all I have to admit that even though I love iFolder I don't keep it running at all times. And even then, I have the sync time delays set for fairly long ("From server" delay - 30 seconds, "To server" - 120 seconds). (Of course, I keep this in mind and do a manual sync before I shut down Windows.)

On the other hand, I don't write many documents or files and when I do and I'm done, I fire up iFolder and send 'em away to be safe.

Ok, now that my dirty little secret is out, let me tell how this behaviour saved my butt!

You know when you want to create a document and it's similar to another one you've already written, so you call up the old one make the changes, and then do a Save-As and rename it? Well I just did that, and of course I forgot the Save-As part and just hit Save!

D'oh! Just lost the first version!

Or so I thought if it wasn't for iFolder ...

All I did was get back a good version of Document 1 via the iFolder web interface!

Here's what to do:

  1. If your iFolder was running, close it immediately. (In my case I hadn't started it yet!) Just Rt-Click on the iFolder icon in your system tray and pick Exit. (Yes, you're sure you want to exit!)
  2. Then do the Save-As in your document.
  3. Fire up your browser and go to the web interface for your iFolder. In my case I surfed over to (no I'm not called, this is just an example!), logged in, and found my file. Then clicked download and put it back onto my drive.
  4. When the download finishes, start up iFolder and let it sync things again.
  5. Just to be sure my world is as it should be, check both documents, and the Conflict Bin (Rt-click on iFolder system tray icon again).

Phew! iFolder saves the day again!

If you have any questions you may contact Andreas at

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