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Tweaking Client Installs on Windows ME

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By Lynn Singer

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Posted: 14 Nov 2001

The OIT Team at Williams College was experiencing a recurrent problem when installing the Novell NetWare Client 4.0 on Compaq Presario laptops running Windows ME and on Gateway computers (also running Windows ME).

I have been able to correct the problem successfully on dozens of machines (we are in the midst of First Days activities where all 500 entering Freshmen bring in their personal computers for us to install the client software on).

Here's the "fix" we came up with:

  1. Totally uninstall the Anti-Virus software if it has been installed.
  2. Using REGEDIT, check the PrimaryProvider value. I have seen it as either empty (""") or, many times as "MIcrosoftFamilyLogon" even though Novell had been installed. Changing the value to "Novell_NetWare", then rebooting does the trick.

Most of the time this is the only adjustment necessary, simple yet critical.

Note: It is imperative that NO anti-virus is installed (not just disabled).

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