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Formativ TUT333 BrainShare Session Example Source Code

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By Advansys

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Posted: 31 Mar 2005

Last week at BrainShare, Advansys delivered Session TUT333, Advanced GroupWise Customization with Advansys Formativ. A wide range of GroupWise-based solutions and customization techniques were demonstrated, including: workflow, custom forms, database and application integration, Help desk and integrated Web technologies. To help power users, corporate and third party developers get started quickly with extending the GroupWise client, Advansys has made available the source code to the session examples shown below.

Requirements: Formativ Studio or Formativ Creator
Target Audience: Some programming knowledge required
Installer: tut333_examples.exe
Documentation: See comments inside source code
Support Forums:
Formativ Applet Central: Download free Formativ solutions to keep expanding the functionality of your GroupWise client.

Examples included:

  • TUT333 - Admin - Users and Distribution lists.vbf
  • TUT333 - Advanced Token Events.vbf
  • TUT333 - Assign Categories.vbf
  • TUT333 - Generic Portal.vbf
  • TUT333 - Dilbert Web Service.vbf
  • TUT333 - Events - Email Deletion.vbf
  • TUT333 - Google Image Search.vbf
  • TUT333 - GroupWise APIs.vbf
  • TUT333 - Hello World.vbf
  • TUT333 - Insert Table.vbf
  • TUT333 - Leave Request Form.vbf
  • TUT333 - MEDAlertManager.vbf
  • TUT333 - Message Store.vbf
  • TUT333 - MIIRalert.vbf
  • TUT333 - MySQL Integration.vbf
  • TUT333 - Object API - Message List.vbf
  • TUT333 - Object API ActiveX - Message Store.vbf
  • TUT333 - Print Incoming Attachments.vbf
  • TUT333 - Processing Selected Messages.vbf
  • TUT333 - Rules Creation.vbf
  • TUT333 - Support Request.vbf
  • TUT333 - Web Service Signature.vbf

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