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Monitoring and Installing Silent-Install Scripts

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By Lisa Deger

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Posted: 31 Mar 2005

When running silent installs you don't always know when the script is complete. I use this script for letting users know that software is installing and also for controlling the installation through a batch file.

The start /wait command will wait until the setup.exe is complete. (The only time this does not work is if the setup calls another program).

After the setup is complete the next line in the command script will be executed.

-s is silent
-f1 is the location of the setup.iss file (which ws generated through the setup.exe -r (record) command.
-f2 is the location and name of the log file.


@echo off
rem Performs "Software" Unattended Install operation

echo *
echo     Unattended install for "Software" is starting.
echo *
echo *
echo     Waiting for "Software" to finish...

@echo on
start /wait M:\Install\setup.exe -s -f1"m:\Install\setup.iss" -f2"c:\temp\Install.log"
@echo off

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