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Displaying an Acceptable Usage Policy before Users Login

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By Andrew White

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Posted: 13 Apr 2005

I wanted to display the college's acceptable usage policy (AUP) and get students to accept it before logging into the PC's. In the past, it had always been printed on their enrollment form, but we all know how many students actually read that. This way, despite the fact that they don't read it on screen either, at least they have to press "Agree" before using a PC.

The following works on any version of ZENworks for Desktops.

  1. Download dirxperts.exe.

  2. Run the .exe on any PC and accept the default install directory of c:\novell

  3. Select Custom Install, ensure that "Message of the Day" is the only component selected, and complete the install.

  4. Copy c:\novell\lgnmd\lgnmdw32.dll to wherever you distribute ZENworks applications from. In this example, it's u:\applications\novell\MOTD

  5. The hardest bit is then writing your acceptable user policy, and saving it as an .rtf file also, to u:\applications\novell\MOTD (we call ours app_log) Here is mine as an example. I'm happy for anyone to use it as a whole, steal bits from it or just snigger and point.


    Adherence to these standards will help us to provide you with a high quality network service in a pleasant environment.

    Users must not:

    • Copy software from or to the College's computer systems
    • Experiment with packages or commands you are not authorised to use
    • Interfere with computer data
    • Play computer games
    • Use email for making libelous or offensive statements or remarks
    • Transmit material in breach of copyright
    • Download music or video files unless authorized
    • Access obscene, pornographic or other offensive internet sites
    • Eat or drink in computer rooms
    • Use computer rooms as social areas rather than work areas


  6. Write the ZENworks object that will distribute the policy. Basically all you need to do is distribute the two files you copied previously and a few registry keys.

    Source: u:\applications\novell\MOTD\lgmdw32.dll    Destination:  c:\novell\lgnmd\lgmdw32.dll       Copy always and distribute always
    Source: u:\applications\novell\app_log.rtf                Destination   c:\windows\app_log.rtf              Copy always and distribute always
    Target_Path = c:\novell\lgnmd
    Registry files
    [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Novell\Graphical Login]
    "LOGINEXTDESC"="Novell Message of the Day Login Extension"
    "Title"="Please read and press Agree before you can use the Student Network"
    [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Novell, Inc.\dirXperts]
    [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Novell, Inc.\dirXperts\1.10.000]

  7. Finish the application in ZENworks by creating it as force run to all your users and that's job done.


  • We find it best to hide the .rtf file elsewhere on the PC so students are less likely to edit it. However, even if they do, we have the file set to copy always and distribute always so it resets on next login. We had one student who found it but got bored of changing it after about two days.

  • There are several settings in the registry as to how you want the AUP displayed. The above example displays the AUP before the initial login and have two buttons "agree" and "disagree" However, the full list of options are:

    "ShowOnInitialOnly"=dword:00000001     Display AUP before initial login screen only
    "ShowOnInitialOnly"=dword:00000002     Display AUP before unlocking workstation only
    "ShowOnInitialOnly"=dword:00000003     Display AUP before initial login and unlock screens
    "RequireAcceptance"=dword:00000000    Display OK option at end of AUP
    "RequireAcceptance"=dword:00000001    Display Yes/No option at end of AUP
    "RequireAcceptance"=dword:00000002    Display Agree/Disagree option at end of AUP

  • Don't forget to make your application distribution directory read-only so they can't edit the master!!!

Andrew White
Network Manager
Salisbury College, UK

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