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Spam Blocking Success by a Guinevere Lover

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Posted: 14 Apr 2005

Guinevere has become a name synonymous with adjectives like tested, successful and reliant in relation to GroupWise anti-spam. For 3 years, Guinevere has provided GroupWise customers with the defense necessary to stop spam. Guinevere is the pioneer in Anti-Virus/Anti-Spam solution for GroupWise. Guinevere is designed to protect the GWIA Gateway by scanning every inbound and outbound email through the GWIA. The following is just one of many success stories shared by Guinevere Lovers.

Cook and Co. is a small financial firm from Alabama. Prior to implementing an anti-spam model, Cook and Co. estimated that they received somewhere around 8,000 emails per day, most of which were spam. Using Guinevere as an integral part of a layered defense model, Cook and Co. successfully decreased spam by 99.889%.

As part of the second layer of defense in the layered defense model, Guinevere scanned 686 messages per day. While scanning, Guinevere deleted or stripped harmful attachments, filtered email for offensive subject matter and deferred attachments too large for prime time network activity. Guinevere passed the contaminated email on to SpamAssassin and McAfee to effectively remove it before it could cause any damage. Of the 686 messages that made it to the second line of defense, only 94 survived. Of the 592 that were stopped, 189 scored high enough as spam to be deleted immediately and 394 scored a high enough probability for spam that they were archived and never delivered to the end user.

Thanks to his anti-spam model and Guinevere, Cook and Co. not only decreased spam by an amazing 99.889%, but they also decreased network traffic by 52% and decreased the total workload on the server by 91%! Cook and Co. also state that they believe the decrease in spam has saved his company a tremendous amount of money because time is now used to further the business and not to fight spam.

Most spam calculators ( estimate that spam will cost a company of 100 employees about $20,000 per year. Cook and Co. found that Guinevere offered them the tools they needed to fight spam effectively and avoid having to incur this cost.

This is only one example of the many that have found that they have saved tremendously because of the qualities offered by Guinevere. If you would like to see the full article and breakdown of the layered defense model from Cook and Co., please visit

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