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New Series - GroupWise for Linux

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By Scott M. Morris

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Posted: 14 Apr 2005

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Ten years ago, I sat at a desk, much like the one in front of me right now. Apart from time, another differentiating factor was that then, the desk belonged to the school where I was earning a degree. On that desk was a computer, and on the computer was a graphical email program. Having lived out of the country for a couple of years, I hadn't previously been exposed to such a novelty. I was quite pleased with its ease of use and stable functionality.

'GroupWise' was the name of that graphical email client. Who knew that a decade later, I would be working for the company that authored it? It's no wonder; it was a great email solution at that time, and has become even better since then. A pleasant surprise came the day I learned that Novell offered a port of GroupWise that would run on Linux.

Many people already use GroupWise for secure messaging, calendaring, and scheduling in the workplace or at school. With all of the functionality contained in the GroupWise software, it would be next to impossible to include a list here. This is precisely the reason that I will publish a series of introductory articles about the GroupWise Cross-Platform client. In these articles, we will look at its functionality, preferences, and features.

The series will be aimed at newer users of Linux who are also using GroupWise on their desktops. Next week, I'll jump into the basics, and we'll venture forth from there.

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