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By Bryan Keadle

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Posted: 5 May 2005

We were wanting a way to identify our active iFolder connections. The iFolder Administration console shows us the number of connections, but not where those connections are coming from. We wanted a way to identify the DNS or IP address of the active connections.

We noted we could get this information from TCPCON at the server, but that's quite a page to scroll through to find the :8080 connection (which in our config are the iFolder clients). Additionally, there are multiple connections for each host. Ultimately, not a clean and easy view of our current iFolder connections.

Knowing that this information can be retrieved via an SNMP request, we installed a utility, SNMPWalk by Net-SNMP, that allows us to run a command-line SNMP query to retrieve information. From this output, we created a batch file to parse this information (see below). The result, we simply run iFolderConnections from a command prompt, and we get this output:

 Current iFolder Connections:
 Name:    ppp-08-154.starnetwx.net
 Name:    c-67-173-78.client.comcast.net
 Name:    bkeadle-is876.domain.com
 Name:    BKEADLE-IS321.domain.com
 Name:    ccdrives.domain.com
 Name:    wx-vill-pal-01.starnetusa.net

Now, ain't that cOOl?! Perhaps there is another, better way to see this information? We would like to be able to see the connections' iFolder username as well. Does anyone have any other cOOl ideas or suggestions? If so, please let me know: bkeadle@TAKETHISOUTkeadle.net

=== iFolderConnections.cmd ===
@echo off
set DNS=
set iFolderServer=
echo Current iFolder Connections:
echo ============================
snmpwalk -v 1 -c public %iFolderServer% iso. | find /I "%iFolderServer%.8080" >%temp%\~ifolder.tmp
if EXIST %temp%\ifc.* del %temp%\ifc.*
for /F "tokens=7-10 delims=. " %%a in (%temp%\~ifolder.tmp) do (
if NOT EXIST %temp%\ifc.%%a.%%b.%%c.%%d nslookup %%a.%%b.%%c.%%d|find /v "Server:"|find /v "%DNS%"
if errorlevel 1 echo Address: %%a.%%b.%%c.%%d
echo %%a.%%b.%%c.%%d>%Temp%\ifc.%%a.%%b.%%c.%%d
del %temp%\ifc.*

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