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GroupWise on a Linux Machine

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By Scott M. Morris

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Posted: 4 May 2005

A few weeks ago, I mentioned that I would be starting a series about using the Cross-Platform version of GroupWise. After slight delay, we have it ready to go. Lately, there's been many a GroupWise user that has found themselves switching to a Linux-based desktop operating system. The Cross-Platform GroupWise Client is slightly different than its Windows counterpart; the former is Java and the latter isn't. However, much is also very similar to what you are already used to.

As the saying goes, "When all else fails, read the documentation," right? Well, the good folks in the Novell documentation department have provided some excellent online documentation for the GroupWise client. Of particular interest to those using the Cross-Platform client is the section of the documentation entitled Comparing the GroupWise Clients.

From this we learn that there are a few things that are supported on the Windows client which are not available on the Cross-Platform Client. For example, POP/IMAP/NNTP mailbox types are not supported on the Cross-Platform Client. With message handling and composition, some formatting options are restricted. Encryption is not supported. Spellcheck is also Windows-only.

That said, however, the basics are all covered. The Cross-Platform client supports Tasks, Notes, Searching, and much more. It is possible to send/receive email, move, retract, resend and sort messages. It does support signatures and HTML composition. It also supports the majority of the send options. Messages can be classified, one is able to request a reply, request a return notification, set a message's priority.

All in all, the Cross-Platform client is a safe bet. In the future, I will run through a handful of the basics for end users before we get into the more administrative topics.

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