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Pushing out an Icon that links to a Folder

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By Paul Pedron

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Posted: 4 May 2005

Earlier this year you posted this Q&A:

Q: Is there a way to push an icon with ZENworks that links you to a folder on the server? I know it can be done easily with applications, but what about folders?

What I want to do is create a shortcut on the desktop for staff to link them to a staff shared folder to save them clicking.

Any ideas?

A: Yes, you can do that. A shortcut is just a file. Snapshot it.

Or, you could run Explore.exe as the program and the UNC path as the parameter.

Other Suggestions

Here's how we do it.

We have users throughout the enterprise that need access to a folder. We give them a ZENworks folder called "City Forms" on the desktop, Startmenu, etc. (This works whether it contains departmental forms or not.)

I do the same for "City Web Apps" - html links force cached, disconnected so they don't have to be logged in to run.


  1. Create a group object and give appropriate rights to that group object for the location necessary.

  2. Then create a "GoToXYZ" ZEN application Object.

    Run Options (Tab) | Applications Path to File: Explorer.exe
    Parameters: UNC Path

  3. Identification (Tab) | Folders
    Create a Custom (or Linked) Folder and add the application to it, checking Applauncher & Start Menu.

  4. Identification (Tab) | Icon put a pretty picture and Application Title named appropriately, like "Leave Slips"

  5. Association (Tab)
    Associate Group Object to their Start menu
  6. Drop the users in the group and anywhere they log in they have access to this folder.

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