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ZENworks for Desktops 6.5 in a Microsoft-Only Environment

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Posted: 11 May 2005

Q: Ronny D. wrote: We migrated from Novell to Microsoft but wanted to keep ZENworks so we installed ZfD 65 on a Microsoft W2K server also running eDirectory 8.7.3.

All is running fine and most of our workstations don't have the Novell Client any longer and users get authenticated over the XTier Server also implemented on the same W2K server.

My question: our Call Desk staff still needs to have the Novell Client, ConsoleOne and ZenWSBrowser to use the Remote Management part of ZENworks 6.5. No other services are required as we do all ZENworks management from dedicated workstations in our operating room. Is there not an easier way to handle remote management only for our Call Desk as I would prefer that they have a pure Microsoft environment (so no Novell Client)? The users get authenticated with the ZfDAgent over the XTier!

FYI, we tried iManager 2.0.2 but no Snapins could be found. Anybody who has suggestions?

A: Novell is working on it, but so far there's no supported solution. If anyone has any ideas for Ronny, we'd love to hear it.


Matt Cardall

One option to reduce the need for deploying the Novell Client for remote control is to use Citrix. Anyone requiring remote control connects to the Citrix server and runs either ConsoleOne or one of the various ZENworks wrappers for remote control (ZenWSBrowser). This prevents the requirement of needing the Novell Client to be deployed. Citrix has the advantage over a plain Terminal Server in that only the specified application needs to be made available to the Helpdesk, and not a full desktop.

Rick Darter

I don't know if this tool will work in a pure Microsoft environment, but it will work with eDirectory and without ConsoleOne.

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