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GWAVA Releases German Spam Quick Fix

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Posted: 19 May 2005

GWAVA has released a Quick Fix to combat the recent wave of German Spam. The quick fix provides possible subjects, updating the anti-spam software. This new update provides information that will allow for effective filtering and prevent the spam from infiltrating GroupWise.

The German Spam is a relatively new type of spam that is propagated through Sober-infected zombie computers. Circulating since the 60th anniversary of World War II, the Sober worm acts as a carrier for propaganda spam rather than retail spam. Most of the spam is directed at blaming Germany's problems on immigrants, welfare, and prisoners. The German spam represents a new attempt by some to propagate political agendas.

Although it poses no direct problem to those infected, the spam does clog up bandwidth and slow down server traffic. The spam has been able to bypass filters until this new Quick Fix from GWAVA. The new Quick Fix will equip GroupWise users with the tools they need to stop the spam. Moreover, the use of GWAVA will prevent the occurrence of later outbreaks or the invasion of the Sober or Sober like viruses.

Download the Quick Fix at

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