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Finding an Open Source Content Management System

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By Peter J. Cox

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Updated: 7 Jun 2005

"This is a good example of using Open Source solutions to solve business problems."
--Aaron Gresko, Linux Product Specialist

We outgrew our simple static web site for our company intranet. We also did not have a dedicated webmaster or time to dedicate a staff member. Couple this with an increase of requests from departments to add/change information on the intranet site and we were faced with implementing a Content Management System. We started to look at CMS from a number of providers/implementors and started to see a wide variety of solutions with an equally wide range of costs.

That was when we started to look at open source content management systems. While there are several quality enterprise-ready systems out there, we started to look more and more at MAMBO CMS. We liked the template-based layout (and the number of freely available professional quality templates), the role-based submission/approval process, the ease of use for both our staff and endusers, and (most importantly for us) the compatibility to run on our Novell NetWare-based web server. Mambo will basically run on any standards-based OS that can run Apache/PHP and a SQL database (we chose MySQL).

While there is still a great deal of enhancement/improvement going on with the MAMBO project the current (v4.5.2) version suits our needs quite well and there are numerous 3rd-party open source enhancements to the system.

I would greatly recommend MAMBO to anyone running a NAMP/LAMP system and looking into a content management system. I also feel that Novell customized enhancements/solutions could only help both of these great systems.

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OPEN CALL: Anyone else have recommendations or comments to add to this? Let us know and we'll add them to the list.

Other Suggestions/Comments

Brian Teeman

(Brian is from Mambo.)

We recently noticed this article about our Open Source project - Mambo. Could you please clarify whether the author is referring to Mambo being implemented at Novell or not? It isn't clear from the article.

Editor: Sorry for any confusion. No, this was not written by a Novell employee. It was submitted to Cool Solutions by a Novell customer, who wrote in to vouch for Mambo's compatibility with his Novell NetWare environment.

Russell Walker

(Russell is from NetShine Software.)

Just read your article. There is a great tutorial for Mambo that you might want to link to, available here.

Maykel Leyva

I agree with you, Peter. I think Mambo is both easy to use, and powerful. I would add one more thing: Mambo is easy to enhance, and it has a great community.

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