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Installing Open Enterprise Server for Linux NSS Services under VMWare

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By Chuck Bardram

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Posted: 7 Jun 2005

PROBLEM: Cannot get OES for Linux NSS services installed properly under VMWare ESX 2.5. The server will hang either on the NSS configuration screen or upon boot.

SOLUTION: This will happen every time if the VMWare server is multi-processor and the OES for Linux virtual machine is configured to use a single processor. There seems to be an issue concerning VMWare servers with multiple processors and installing an OES for Linux virtual server with one virtual processor.

To correct this, simply choose two processors during initial configuration, or install the non-SMP kernel. If you choose two or more processors, all is well. The OES for Linux default kernel is SMP aware and gets annoyed if restricted to one processor.

After that, NSS runs just fine!

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