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The tn5250j Client Working with AS400

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By David Crouse

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Posted: 8 Jun 2005

I needed to install the tn5250j client to connect to the as400 here. I decided I'd just post the method I used in case someone else needed it.

This works flawlessly with SUSE 9.0 and 9.2 both (tested on both versions)

[user@linux:~]$ mkdir downloads
[user@linux:~]$ cd downloads
[user@linux:~]$ wget
[user@linux:~]$ java -jar tn5250j-install-0.5.7.jar
[user@linux:~]$ cd ..
[user@linux:~]$ cd tn5250j
[user@linux:~]$ cd bin
[user@linux:~]$ chmod a+x tn5250j

This was the last step in creating a linux only office enviroment. All the desktop systems running SUSE of course.

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