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Understanding the YAST Software Module Options

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By Aaron Gresko

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Posted: 15 Jun 2005

When the next SUSE Linux Enterprise Server (SLES) service pack comes out, do you know the best way to apply it? What about upgrading a SLES 8 box to SLES 9?

Some users get confused about the different options available in YAST's Software modules. The Software modules are shown in in the image below:

The modules and their use are as follows:

  • Online Update---installs patches from online sources.
  • Install And Remove Software---manages the software installed on the system. Software can be added, removed, and updated. The software available for installation and update in this module comes from the source listed in the Change Source Of Installation module.
  • Change Source Of Installation---holds the software sources available to the system. The source used to install the system is added during installation. Additional sources can be added from CD, the network, or the local filesystem.
  • Installation into Directory---installs SUSE Linux software into a directory on the host system.
  • Patch CD Update---is the best way to install a support pack CD onto an already installed system.
  • System Update---upgrades the major version of the system. This would be used to upgrade from SLES 8 to SLES 9, for example. System update should not be used to apply support packs.
  • UML Installation---creates virtual Linux machines on the host system.
  • YOU Server Configuration---configures a local YOU Server on the system. The YOU Server can mirror patches for all SUSE Linux distributions.

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