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Control Browser Access and Lock Users out of Local File System

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By Peter Beninate

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Posted: 3 Mar 2005

I work for a university which runs an on-campus library. We use a web based catalog system. Access to this system was formerly provided on machines running Windows XP and Internet Explorer. However, we could not lock the machines down enough to prevent users from accessing the file system or other sites on our intranet. People would constantly use these machines for purposes other than that which they were intended.


I developed a setup using SUSE Linux, the KDE Kiosk Admin Tool and Mozilla which allowed us to lock the machines down very tightly.

On boot, the machines auto login and auto start Mozilla. The desktop contains a single desktop config file which stats Mozilla. This shortcut is the only interaction users can have with the system.

The maintenance policy on these machines is "if something is wrong, press Ctrl + Alt + Backspace." This restarts X and brings the machine back to its normal state.


YaST does all the setup!

Kiosktool locks the box down.

This Mozilla userChroms.css file removes the menu bar and URL bar put it in ~/.mozilla/default/<random>/chrome/:

#main-menubar { display:none !important }
#urlbar { display: none !important }

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