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Dave's Disaster-Recovery Pointers

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By Dave Lunn

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Posted: 17 Dec 2001

Dave Lunn is an IT guy on the front lines. He's a veteran who's learned the lessons taught by server abends and drive failures. Here are a few tips Dave learned about being ready for system failure and dealing with it when it comes.

Whenever I set up a new Workstation, I always make a DOS boot disk for it with the VLM client so I can get to my network to get a copy the machine's disk image. For a server, I do the same but on its boot disk I drop the Server.exe file for Personal NetWare which enables me to drop the server's C drive onto whichever of my workstations has a CD burner in it -- or, if I'm not close to a workstation with a CD burner, I can drop the server's C drive from where I'm at to another server's NetWare volume.

With this kind of disaster-recovery policy, I have a crash kit for each machine that consists of a DOS boot disk with VLM client and a CD-ROM of the C drive. When added to the Server's NetWare tape backup it makes for a relatively painless recovery from disk death.

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