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When is a Virtual CD not a CD?

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By Steve Fullerton

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Posted: 16 May 2005

"This works because NAL searches the root of all removable drives for a hidden directory called "NALCACHE", which is where the Virtual CD images are stored."

Shaun Pond
ZENworks Specialist

We needed a way to get "forced Cached" applications loaded onto laptops. All the "remote" laptops would login to the same mid-tier server to receive their applications. All remote laptop applications would come from the same NDS container. The techs setting up the laptops could not assign the applications to the users/workstations from their location due to slow network links. If they set up the fored cache from their local site and container, the applications would re-cache when the user logged in. This is because the NALcache folders would be different.

Example: vs.


We looked at using the virtual CD and creating a cd for each app the remote laptops would need. We then said if it can create virtual applications on a CD why not an external hard drive? We now have applications being loaded via the external hard drives. These are far more versatile than CDs. To update an application the tech just needs to delete the cache on the VMSD (Virtual Mass Storage Device) and re-add the application. This also helps in loading the applications. The techs will pre-copy the cache folders off-line before deploying the applications.

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