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Recovering eDirectory Path Attribute Data

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Posted: 25 May 2005


A customer recently had a storage array lose 2 drives simultaneously and therefore all data was lost. The customer had over 450 Directory Map objects relating to data on this cluster. In deleting and recreating the volume all Directory Map objects would become unknown objects and therefore unusable and require recreating. We had the same issue for user home directories of which there were over 350 user entries.

This was a daunting task considering that we would be working all night to restore the data.


We use the ICE utility as part of ConsoleOne to export the user home directory attribute for all of the users. We also used the GroupWise Import/Export Utility to export the Directory Map objects to a file.

Because the volumes still existed within eDirectory the links still existed so the objects were still valid up until the point where the volumes were destroyed.

After we deleted the volumes the user home directory entries were automatically removed and all of the Directory Map objects became unknown objects which we then deleted.

After restoring the data we then used ICE utility to re-import the user home directory attributes back in for all of the users and used the GroupWise Import/Export utility to re-import the saved Directory Map object details and all objects were once again available and usable. This entire process took 10 minutes for over 350 users and 450 Directory Map objects.

This task would have taken us well over 4 hours and would have been subject to input error otherwise.


To export the Directory Map use the GroupWise Import/Export utility and select the Directory Map object as the object type and export the following attributes:

! Host (this is mandatory for this object type)

Use the Import process using your export file and the same attributes to import the objects.

For the home directories the following TID was very helpful:

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