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XP SP2 Policy Templates

Novell Cool Solutions: Trench
By Leonard Holling

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Updated: 16 Aug 2005

Leonard Holling expanded on a cool spreadsheet originally created by Ted Ziolkowski, and shares it here with Ted's permission. He took Ted's XP policy template and added all of the sections that have changed (even some of the existing keys) and created a new SP2 spreadsheet.

Download here.

If you would like to submit other versions of this, we'd love to add them to the lineup. Submit here.

Localized Versions: XP SP2 Policy Templates

Dutch Version: Henny van der Ben

I would like to give a supplement on the tip from Leonard Holding. His tip is very useful but not for the Dutch market.

Therefore, I would like to submit the Dutch version from his tip.

German Version: Hilko Rah

Here is the German version of the template; hope it helps my German colleagues.


Richey Johnston
Thanks for the hard work. I have been working on this for one for a while.

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