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Advansys Enterprise Proxy 1.1

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By Advansys

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Posted: 7 Jul 2005

Advansys is pleased to announce the release of Enterprise Proxy 1.1, which makes it even easier for administrators to audit and secure GroupWise Proxy Access rights quickly for individual or multiple users across the organization. In addition to support for multiple GroupWise systems, version 1.1 enables administrators to simply double-click on a GroupWise user entry for instant viewing and editing of the user's proxy access rights. As in 1.0, administrators can display proxy access security reports directly within the GroupWise client and export the report in HTML, XML and CSV file formats. The new features in version 1.1. are shown below.

  • Multiple GroupWise systems support.
  • Single user mode added. Simply double-click on any user in a GroupWise system to view and edit their proxy rights.
  • Assign/report on proxy rights from the GroupWise system level down to an individual user.
  • Inter-Domain support. Add a user from one Domain to the proxy access list of a user in another Domain.
  • POA level access settings supports multiple POAs running on multiple servers.
  • The proxy access security report layout follows the order of proxy access rights as seen in the GroupWise client.
  • Holding the mouse over a key image in the proxy access report now displays hint text describing the type of proxy access granted.

A screen shot of the new single user mode is shown below.

Enterprise Proxy 1.1 is a free upgrade for existing users. For more information and a free 30-day trial, please visit the Advansys Web site at

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