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The BUZZ - July 14

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By Richard Bliss

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Posted: 14 Jul 2005

BIG BROTHER WATCHING - A few weeks ago I asked you to tell me what you thought about Big Brother watching your email at work. I received many responses to my GWBlog as well as email responses. The consensus was that most felt it was just fine to have corporations spying, watching, snooping, and reading their employee's email.

This week's BUZZ highlights two company's recent announcements that focus on some aspect of reading employee's email for HR, Security, or legal needs. Another thing to watch for that was not discussed, GroupWise Messenger has an Archiving option that can be set by the administrator. A word of warning. Don't use corporate Email or Corporate Chat resources to discuss things that should be left in private. BIG Brother IS watching.

Have you heard?...RenewData has announced this past week that they are supporting GroupWise 6.5 with their e-discovery solutions. Expanded extraction and processing allow them to pull data from GroupWise. You can read the story at

Have you heard?...REVEAL, is a new product that allows a CIO, HR Director, or Security Officer, to look inside a live GroupWise system to view any user's entire GroupWise information. This includes proxy settings, address book, email, calendar, etc. This has been designed to allow immediate audits of a live system to check for HR type problems.

Also in the news

Have you heard?...JP Mobile, a mobile technology solution for GroupWise was acquired this past week for just less than $75 million by Good Technologies. JP Mobile made a corporate decision to move into the GroupWise space 18 months ago. Their mobile solution for GroupWise and Notes made them a nice acquisition for Good. You can read about the acquisition at

Have you heard?...If you are a GroupWise administrator looking for someone to talk to about a GroupWise related issue, whether that be a recommendation on a mobility solution, to looking for material to defend GroupWise, here are two sites I recommend:

  • NGWLIST - - This site is one of the oldest GroupWise Administrator Listservs, having been established in 1997. Some of the sharpest GroupWise administrators from around the world can be found here sharing their wisdom and advice on all things GroupWise. If you subscribe to the list, I recommend you sign up in digest mode since there can be a lot of talk about GroupWise.
  • GWCheck - - was established in 2002 as a resource site for all things GroupWise. It has grown significantly over the last three years. It is heavily supported by the GroupWise partner community and provides a treasure trove of all things GroupWise.

Have some GroupWise news? Want a vendor to support GroupWise? Send an email to and let us know.

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