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Configure an Open Enterprise Server (Linux based) Installation Source to Register with SLP

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By Aaron Gresko

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Posted: 2 Aug 2005

Configuring an installation source to register with SLP is normally done by the YaST Installation Server module. The Installation Server module does not correctly handle Open Enterprise Server (OES) installation sources, however, so creating the installation source is done using a script.

To configure an OES installation source that is served by NFS and broadcast by SLP, complete the following:

Create the Installation Source

Create the installation source by following the instructions located here. This example will assume the OES installation files are located at /installroot/oes.

Set up the Installation Server

Set up the installation server to export the install directory using the YaST Installation Server module by completing the following:
  1. Start YaST and select Misc > Installation Server.
  2. In the Initial Setup -- Server dialog, select Configure as NFS Source.
  3. In the Initial Setup -- Server dialog, enter the path to the installation source. For this example, /installroot.
  4. Select Next.
  5. Set any desired NFS settings and select Next.
  6. Select Finish.

Register the Installation Source with SLP

Register the installation source with SLP by doing the following:
  1. Open a terminal and su to root.
  2. At the prompt enter, cd /etc/slp.reg.d.
  3. Create a registration file for the OES installation source by entering touch YaST-oes.reg.
  4. Edit YaST-oes.reg and enter the following text:

    baseproduct=SUSE CORE
    description=Novell Open Enterprise Server 9 ++Open-Enterprise-Server-9++
    label=Novell Open Enterprise Server 9
    vendor=SUSE Linux AG

  5. Save the file and exit.
  6. Restart the OpenSLP daemon by entering rcslpd restart.

Test the Configuration

To verify the installation source is working properly, do the following:

  1. Start an installation of OES by booting a system from OES CD1.
  2. From the initial menu, highlight Installation to stop the boot timer.
  3. Press F3 and select SLP.
  4. Set any other desired options and then select Installation.
If the installation finds the install server through SLP, it will show the available installation source as shown below.

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