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THE BUZZ - 04 August 2005

Novell Cool Solutions: Trench
By Richard Bliss

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Posted: 4 Aug 2005

Have you heard?...Only 8% of the legacy Exchange install base is expected to migrate this year to Exchange 2003 even though support will be terminated for Exchange 5.5 in December but 62% of the GroupWise install base is expected to migrate to GroupWise 7 within the next six months.

88% of all GroupWise installations of any size have two or fewer full-time GroupWise Administrators.

75% of GroupWise users get their GroupWise information through Cool Solutions.

Want to learn more about the GroupWise market and its plans for upgrading to GroupWise 7? Download the free GroupWise Market Survey report at to find out more information.

Have you heard?...LinuxWorld is next week. August 9th-11th in San Francisco. If you get a chance, be sure to come by and say hi and support our GroupWise vendors. Omni and GWAVA will both be there showing off their stuff. GWAVA's Redline will montior all your GroupWise Agents on Linux, NetWare and Windows and Omni has their very cool Novell Linux Desktop Multiplier. A must have for deploying Linux to large numbers of desktops.

Also in August, the International Legal Technology Association (ILTA) formerly known as LawNet, is holding their 28th annual Educational Conference in Phoenix, AZ on August 22-25. I will be speaking on integrating 3rd party technologies with Novell GroupWise. Visit their vendor list from last year and let me know which technology partners you would like to see supporting GroupWise.

Also in the news

WordPerfect Mail in the news. Many of you who support and work with GroupWise remember when it was a WordPerfect product called WordPerfect Office. Now, Corel has announcement WordPerfect Mail, a new email client to compete with Outlook. It doesn't have any ties to the original WordPerfect Mail that is the predecessor to GroupWise, but it is fun to see the name pop up again.

Just for fun...I like it when GroupWise users stand up and be counted. The following article doesn't have anything to do with GroupWise directly but the author of the article made a point of saying they use GroupWise. Take a look at the article and drop them a comment thanking them for running GroupWise. I already have.

Have some GroupWise news? Want a vendor to support GroupWise? Send an email to and let us know.

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