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By Toffa International

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Posted: 22 Aug 2005

Thinking of deploying BlackBerry devices for wireless access to GroupWise? You might also like to consider non-BlackBerry devices.

SyncWise 2005 provides GroupWise wireless synchronization for just about every non-BlackBerry mobile device out there.

True Push Technology

Toffa's push technology provides the user with an "Always-On Always-Connected" experience. This is not a scheduled poll but true push technology whereby the mobile device automatically authenticates to the SyncWise server when switched on or moving between cells, informing SyncWise of its IP address. The SyncWise server monitors GroupWise within the boundaries set by the administrator/user and informs the mobile device only when it needs to collect new data, new email, changed calendar entry etc.

Open Standards

Toffa considers open standard compliance as crucial, let the mobile device manufacturers build SyncML compliant mobile devices and Toffa build SyncML synchronization solutions for GroupWise. As each new mobile device comes to market Toffa have only to certify its compliance. SyncWise being SyncML compliant synchronizes with well over 300 types of mobile devices including all PalmOS and PocketPC devices.

Web Based Administration

Easy and effective administration was a key goal for Toffa's latest SyncWise release. SyncWise 2005 provides a rich, web based user experience with the functionality designed for the administrator in mind. Administrators can control and set all the user synchronization parameters. These can be set per user, per group or a combination of both. In addition, parameters may be locked at the user or at the group level. The web-based administrator interface allows total control over the synchronization process, from adding/deleting/disabling a user to fine tuning an individual user or group. Extensive monitoring and diagnostics tools ensure any problems are quickly detected and resolved, also being web-based provides the ability for remote administration and support.

Largest Feature Set

SyncWise synchronizes GroupWise appointments, tasks, notes, email and phone messages and has the largest synchronization feature set with many unique functions, like being able to synchronize appointment attendees, appointment alarms, selectable address books, shared and read-only address books. SyncWise supports selectable email folders with filters for read-only and urgent status, restrictions on file attachment size and type can also be controlled.

Wide Installed Base

Toffa have been developing and supporting GroupWise synchronization solutions for the last 10 years, they have a world-wide installed base supported by Toffa engineers and a global network of Toffa partners.

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