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Connecting Evolution to Exchange

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By Ruud van der Zwet

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Posted: 20 Oct 2005


First of all, this is written by a Novell engineer working in a big company with Microsoft software. I don't have much Exchange knowledge and I haven't asked our mail administrators anything at all.

Before You Begin

Before you start, it'd be good to gather some information about your Exchange server setup. It's also very important to read all the documentation you can get. As soon as you have read the documentation, start gathering information such as the following:
  • Do you have an Exchange account? (necessary)
  • What's the OWA URL? (necessary)
  • Is Outlook WebAccess with WebDav running?
  • What's you Exchange server hostname? (You can get this by checking your Exchange Server Setting in your Outlook client.)
  • What's your Global Catalog Server? (This is the server to which you're authenticating and where your Global Address List is extracted from. To get this information, you must first start nslookup, set type=srv, and enter your Exchange server hostname.
    The servername after the Primary Server Name is your Global Catalog Server.)
  • What's your Public Folder server?
Now you have the necessay info to add an account to Evolution.


To start, you must run Evolution and create an account.

Select Exchange server.

The receiving mail parameters are:
  • Exchange server :
  • Username : your accountname without your domainname before it.
  • Security : never
  • Authentication : plaintext
I have played with this last two parameters and got it working with the aforementioned settings.

The receiving options are:
  • Global Catalog Server :
  • Mailboxname : your Exchange mailboxname
  • OWA path : /exchange (this is the last part of your OWA URL)
  • Public Folder Server : empty

These settings worked for me and I played a lot with them to get it working. I hope it will work for you.

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