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Autostart of Novell Client for Linux Upon Session Login

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By Jim Gosney

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Posted: 20 Oct 2005

If you have the Novell Client for Linux installed, it is possible to have your desktop automatically log you into your netware servers upon bootup. There are two methods to choose from: GUI with password prompt or entirely behind the scenes with no password prompt.

To have the GUI login prompt automatically load with the password prompt, simply create a link to /opt/novell/ncl/bin/gnwlogin in your autostart folder (in KDE, this is /home/userid/.kde/autostart . For Gnome,you can put the file in the gnome session manager). Now, when you log into your desktop, the GUI Netware Login screen will automatically start (the same as clicking the Novell icon in the system tray and choosing 'Novell Login').

To have an entirely behind the scenes login upon start, you need to create a shell script that contains the command-line parameters for netware login using the NWLOGIN command. Make this shell script executable and then place a link to it in your autostart folder. This script will run upon login to your desktop, log you in to your netware servers, and run your login script without prompting for a password.


I created a shell script named AUTOLOGIN.SH in my home folder.

This script file contains three lines:

cd /opt/novell/ncl/bin
nwlogin -s SERVER -u USER -c CONTEXT -t TREE -p PASSWORD -r

Note that the nwlogin parameters are not case sensitive and the Context parameter uses the dotted style (.ou.o)

Make this AUTOLOGIN.SH executable and link to it from your autostart folder.

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