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Biometric Devices that Run on Linux

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Posted: 13 Aug 2004

The people in charge of network security in corporations, government institutions, hospitals, and other installations that routinely trade in vulnerable information, are increasingly moving to devices such as tokens, smartcards or biometrics to provide an extra measure of safety. These devices read organic identifiers like fingerprints or the iris of the eye to approve access to the network, preventing credentials from being broadcast or written down.

As you might expect, vendors of these devices are quickly moving to support Linux. If you are looking for biometric devices that will run on Linux, here's a good start. Many thanks to Patrick Greenwell for this excellent collection. If you know of any others, please let us know.

  • Tons of smartcard drivers & tools for Linux
    "MUSCLE - Movement for the Use of Smart Cards in a Linux Environment. MUSCLE is a project to coordinate the development of smart cards and applications under Linux. The purpose is to develop a set of compliant drivers, API's, and a resource manager for various smart cards and readers for the GNU environment. Source code is now distributed by this site that supports the Schlumbeger Reflex 60 line of reader and all ISO-7816-4 compliant smart cards."

  • Linux SDK for writing your own authentication system supporting their USB devices
    "A comprehensive collection of a variety of software developer kits and tools based on SecuGen's advanced, minutiae-based fingerprint recognition technology."

  • Client middleware supports Linux auth via smartcards
    "ActivCard Gold® for Linux® is a multi-function smart card-based digital identity middleware solution that secures your heterogeneous network with smart cards. Enterprises and Government agencies have an urgent need to provide security across all their computing platforms. ActivCard Gold secures login, email, and other applications in desktop, laptop, thin terminal, and server environments."

  • USB Smartcard device and Linux driver
    "Whether for access authentication, network log-on or smartcard-based Internet transactions - the stand alone Smartcard Reader with USB connection is specially designed to get the job done."

  • Several Smartcard devices with Linux drivers
    "With a complete range of readers and components - from desk-top, PC-Card, and SIM card readers to secure readers with PIN pad and display - OMNIKEY offers its customers one-stop shopping for any need in the area of ready-to-use PC smart card reader devices. OMNIKEY in addition offers smart card readers with an integral biometric fingerprint reader and/or RFID interface. For OEM-embedding the technology is available in the form of chip-sets."

  • Iris Scanning device
    "Human eyes have complex structures. Advanced control of high security becomes possible by your eyes. IPISPASS-h is convenient compact, lightweight, easy to operate and enables to build a high secure system at low cost."

  • Java SDK for Oki device and CA eTrust agent
    "The KnoWho? Authentication Server Developer's Suite from Iridian Technologies delivers a comprehensive set of development tools that allow an organization to quickly and cost-effectively develop and market applications based on PrivateID? and the KnoWho Authentication Server for iris recognition. Iris recognition is the most accurate, non-invasive and easy to use biometric for secure identification. "

  • Provides fingerprint/smartcard combo with Linux drivers
    "BQT Solutions have combined Mifare? Contactless Smart Card & Biometric Technology to provide the Ultimate in Logical Access, No larger than a PC Mouse! "

  • Secure logon product which includes SUSE Linux and one-time password generator token
    "The use of one-time passwords with KOBIL SecOVID represents an extremely secure form of user authentication inside VPNs. Such passwords render network resources more secure because they are valid to be used just once-the spying of these passwords is in itself nonsensical. This guarantees a basis for consistent security."

  • Linux SDK called VeriFinger which supports several scanners
    "VeriFinger SDK is intended for biometric systems developers and integrators. It allows rapid development of the biometric application using functions from VeriFinger DLL or library, which ensure high reliability of the fingerprint identification, 1:1 and 1:N matching modes, comparison speed up to 30000 fingerprints per second."

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