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Linux Equivalents of DOS Commands

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By Domnic Mendes

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Posted: 14 Nov 2005

Applies to:

  • Novell Linux Desktop
  • Suse Linux
  • SUSE Linux Enterprise Server

Many Linux users come from a DOS/Windows background or use DOS/Windows command line features on a regular basis for work or what not. Here is a list of methods of achiving DOS/Windows results from a Linux commandline:

DOS Command Linux Command
dir, dir/w ls, ls -l
chdir (Current directory) pwd
del (remove a file rm
deltree (remove a directory and all files under it) rm -r
copy cp
xcopy (copy all files in a directory and under it) cp -R
rename, move mv
type (print contents of a file to the screen) cat
help, [command] /? man
cls (clear screen) clear
find (search for a word or words in a specified file) grep
fc (compare two files and find differences between them) diff
set (show environment variables) env
set variable (set environment variable) export
edit filename vi filename, pico filename, nano -w filename (varies based on editor of choice)
attrib +h filename (makes a file hidden) mv file .file
mem (displays available memory) free, top
scandisk fsck
defrag c:\ debugfs
format mke2fs, mk32fs -j, mkreiserfs, mkswap, etc. (varies based on desired filesystem)
pkzip (creates archive of file) tar, used often in conjunction with gzip for compression)
tracert traceroute
ipconfig (check IP address and network settings) ifconfig
nbtstat -a hostname (get DNS info for specified host) nslookup hostname
route print (display routing table) route -n
net send host/ip message send message to another computer smbclient -M Windows Host, talk (Linux hosts)

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