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By Scott M. Morris

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Posted: 6 Dec 2005

The results are in. The votes are tallied. I'd like to take a moment to announce the winners of the Great SUSE Desktop Screenshot Competition of 2005. The object of the competition was to see who could send in the coolest looking or most creative desktop screenshot of their SUSE-powered machine.

First, thanks to everyone (yes, every last one of you who) who participated. We all quite enjoyed every one of the entries. It took us quite a while to sift and sort and narrow and pick and choose. There were some really nice ones sent in. Thanks to everyone for their participation.

For recognition's sake, and to satisfy those raging curiosities, I will now list the winners. The best one submitted as voted by the judges was this one, by Moiez ul-Hasnain:

Moiez has received 75 points for his winning submission.

Second place goes to this one, by Frederik Van Poucke:

Frederik has won 50 points for his submission.

Third place goes to this one, by Martijn Pepping:

Martijn has received 25 points for his submission.

Thanks again, everyone. If you didn't participate, you should next time! Stay tuned, I will be announcing another competition very soon.

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