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Survey Series: Review an App

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By Scott M. Morris

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Posted: 22 Feb 2006

For everyone who hasn't heard, Novell is running a survey to see what applications, if ported to Linux, would best aid you in your transition to Linux. Each week, I post some results, questions, suggestions, and the like in regards to this survey.

Last week, I listed a bunch of applications that people suggested for replacing their Windows counterparts. Most of these applications were suggested by those readers with experience in each of the listed areas. For everyone who participated, thanks!

This week, I'm asking for reviews. The theory is that you look on that list of applications and write a 4 - 5 page review of the software, along with screenshots. It has been suggested that the applications that can read and write industry-standard formats are most desirable. Such is the case with OpenOffice which can read and write in the .doc format of Word and the .xls format of Excel. Feel free to write about applications specifically that are able to do this.

You may write more than one review (i.e., a different review for each application), but not for the same software package. For example, do not write two articles about OpenOffice. You can write as many articles as you want about the different software, however. Also, more than one person can review a particular application. If two users both review the GIMP, for example, that is ok. Write as much as you wish. Don't feel restricted to just the list on that page. If you know of another software application that would fit on that page, you can write about that, as well.

Until the end of the month of February, I will be giving out double the normal amount of points for good articles and reviews on these applications. For more information about these rewards and the point system, please visit

Send your submissions to Please submit them as HTML with accompanying images, zipped all together in one file. Where this is not possible, an OpenOffice formatted document is acceptable.

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