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Novell Survey: Status Update

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By Scott M. Morris

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Posted: 27 Feb 2006

While over 15,000 people have responded to the survey, the submissions still pour in daily. I've also generated a report in PDF format so that you can see the overall results to date of the survey.

For everyone who hasn't yet seen it, Stephen Feller has written an article on in regards to the survey. He contacted Richard Holder and myself to conduct with us a phone interview. We had an insightful and interesting phone conversation with Stephen. His article is informative and insightful. He had some great questions for us.

Jon Strickland, President of the Triangle Novell Users' Group, sent in a great tip. He suggested that we provide links to various online sources where readers can promote CoolSolutions Articles. That suggestion has now been implemented. From now on, you will find links above each article where you can submit the article to various news sites online. This will allow the articles to be seen by more readers. Thus, we can reach out to more and more people each week. Also, because of this suggestion, I have awarded Jon 150 points.

Remember to have your colleagues and friends vote on the survey. The more votes we recieve, the more the vendors will listen to us.

Also, much mention has been made about the fact that Lotus Notes currently runs on Linux. However, this appears to be a Java application. A more native port is on the way, it seems. Thanks to everyone who brought these things to my attention.

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