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By Scott M. Morris

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Posted: 28 Jun 2006

Part of what enables people to use a given software application is that it works for them. It is simple and easy to figure out and use. It doesn't take a lot of cryptic configuration or endless setting of parameters. You start it up and the right things just happen. In recent times, Linux has has grown by leaps and bounds by providing software like this. Especially in SUSE Linux Enterprise Desktop 10. There is a well-rounded supply of enterprise-ready applications provided on this excellent desktop platform. Let us take a minute and review some of the office productivity software available.

Perhaps the largest and most complete office productivity suite is 2.0. This incredibly full set of applications provides word processing, spreadsheets, presentation software, drawing software, and a database application. These tools are a very large part of what makes most basic office employees productive.

The word processing component is called Writer. It has all of the functionality that you would expect. There are buttons on the toolbar at the top containing all of the most basic formatting tools with which users are familiar. Examples include bold, underline, font, headline styles, flush left, flush right, centered, full-justified, bulleted lists, and numbered lists, to name a few. There are also buttons for changing the font and background colors for the document.

Writer also supports some of the more advanced functionality that some users may require. It is able to create and manage headline styles for things like Tables of Contents. Writer can also import and include images inside of documents. Another of the great features provided by this slick word processor is the ability to directly export documents in Adobe PDF format for added portability.

Speaking of portability, Writer can open Microsoft Word documents, as well as save documents in this format.

OpenOffice also has a fully-featured spreadsheet component called Calc. This excellent application is also able to open files saved from Microsoft Office. It has no problem opening or saving spreadsheets in the Microsoft Excel formats. This also means that it offers much of the same functionality offered by Excel. Calc can handle complex formulas, large spreadsheets, and multiple worksheets in the same file.

Again, OpenOffice Calc will have very intuitive menus and toolbars, offering users a quick and easy way to accomplish their tasks. In the toolbar are several standard formatting tools, including bold, underline, font, and cell justification. It also has things that would be expected of a spreadsheet, such as number formatting tools and cell decoration tools. This allows a user to design a nice-looking spreadsheet very quickly, even if it is quite complex. For a short article I wrote introducing Calc, visit this link.

The Writer and Calc components of provide an integral part of what makes many office workers productive. Word processing and spreadsheets are essential for the typical business desktop. The OpenOffice application suite provides all of this functionality in a very easy-to-use package.

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