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Connecting from Windows XP to NetWare 4.11

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Updated: 5 Jul 2005

Question: Is it possible to connect from Windows XP Pro to a Novell 4.11 network? If so, how?

OPEN CALL: Anyone have any experiences to share on this topic? Fire when ready...


Daniel Ball

All you need to do is load the IPX protocol on the XP boxes and then you can either use the Microsoft-supplied Novell Client or you can load Novell's Client 32. Novell's Client32 is more robust and will allow you to use its many features such as Workstation Manager and such - I highly recommend it over the MS-supplied Novell client.

Doug Simpson

Perhaps Daniel means loading the IPX protocol ONLY? (Not IP or IP + IPX) Neither IP or IP + IPX worked for us. We ended up keeping a Win98 box around for access to our 4.11 network until we converted to NetWare 6.

Daniel's response:

IPX is the only protocol that will talk to a NetWare 4.x box. If you have IP-based services or applications or wish to access the Internet then you will also need IP on the client. So yes, please do load IP and IPX on the client if you wish for it to connect to a NW 4.x box and wish to communicate with IP -based services. BTW, the NetWare client doesn't actually supply the IPX or IP stacks on the client. They are supplied by Microsoft within the XP OS. The Novell Client utilizes the respective stack if loaded but will prompt for the XP CD if you specify a protocol (during the Novell client load) not already installed.

Brandon Fouts

I suspect IF TCP/IP is on the NetWare 4.11 server - you can use IP.

If you only have IPX on the NetWare 4.11 server, then install IPX on XP should work.

For maximum security do NOT install MS clients, workstation, file server, file share, print share, NetBIOS, etc. Only the LAN protocol - either IPX or IP.

However, strongly consider upgrading to NetWare 6.5.

Barry Worthy

I've worked on several NetWare 4.11 servers recently and haven't had any problems connecting from my Windows XP SP2 laptop with the Novell Client 4.9 SP2. Of course you have to use IPX. The only problem I had was with the Migration Wizard 6.5 (which you have to use since it is NetWare 4.11) in that it didn't run after applying SP2 for Windows XP. I ended up have to use a different computer in order to do the migration.

Craig Baker

Yes, it is possible to connect XP to Novell 4.11. In July of this year [2004] we migrated to Novell 6.5 from Novell 4.11. I had to test XP to see if it would work on Novell 4.11. In fact, my boss used XP with 4.11 for three months with very little if any problems. I suppose it depends on what kind of applications you are using and what you are trying to accomplish.

As Mr. Ball stated please make sure that the IPX protocol is loaded.

The client that I successfully used is Novell Client 4.83Sp2e for XP. It was not necessary for us to even be on the latest and greatest SP by Novell (4.11) to run XP. We run many old DOS applications even now that we have upgraded. GroupWise 5.5 worked just fine as well.

You might have to get drivers for some of your applications and peripherials. For instance we have a Konica copier/printer that required a specific driver before XP would work with it. I would be careful to test SP 2 for XP while working with Novell 4.11. My thought is to do a clean install work with it then do the SP. I never had a problem working with XP but SP 2 was never applied. I ran the Security Updates from MS just fine with no problems. I was able to share files and see the network with no problems. Internet access was ok as well.

Farokh Monajem

We just migrated about 8 desktops and notebooks to XP-SP2 and had no problems connecting to a NetWare 4.11 server. The client was configured to run either IPX only or both IP and IPX, both configurations worked. Client is 4.90SP2.

The only problem we have run into is running Timeslips from Best Software. It uses the Borland Database Engine which is giving us grief. We have to run Timeslips on a Win98 machine until we can figure out the solution.

We are bringing our problems to the attention of the powers that be.


Had a problem this week, purchased two HP DX2000 machines, both with XP Pro pre-installed, one of the machines had to be a print server.

I then installed Nprinter on the machine that was going to be the print server.

Machine kept re-booting itself.

I then had to downgrade the XP machine to 2000 for NPRINTER to work.

Are there any known solutions to this?

Dave Atterbury

We have a legacy NW 4.11 tree that we don't want to get rid of just yet--single server running IPX. I am connecting to it from a Win XP Pro desktop with no trouble at all. Our main tree is NW 6.5 on IP. So as you can see we run IP and IPX together.

Joseph Lim

I am trying to connect to Novell Server 4.10 from XP. I'm wondering how "to load the IPX protocol on the XP boxes ( as suggested"). I also tried loading Novell's Client 32 on XP but was rejected and informed that Client 32 only works in Windows 98/95?

Liz Hendrix

Sure you can. My company is still attaching to some legacy NetWare 4.x servers from XP Pro/NetWare Client 4.9 SP2b. You will attach using the same method(s) used in previous version of the Windows OS. You will, of course, want to be using a Novell NetWare client, not the Microsoft client for NetWare.

Depending on the size and complexity of your environment, you will need to bind the IPX protocol and route it on the WAN/LAN, use IPX forwarding gateways, or install NetWare/IP (NWIP) and design an NWIP NW4.x infrastructure. NWIP isn't included in client versions after 4.83, so an install of 4.83 and upgrade to later versions may be necessary unless you can identify the required modules and graft them into your client.

A warning though - if you decide to use NWIP on both clients and servers for communications you will have a very difficult upgrade path to a supported version of NetWare and you will still require IPX for printing unless you want to use PServer and registered DNS names for the printers which is not a "documented" process. None of the products listed above are supported products.

D. L. Rees

I don't know of anything much easier to do in a NetWare environment! You'll need the NW Client for Windows NT/2000/XP v.4.9 SP2 or later. This is available on the downloads page.

Look under the most popular column and select the language that matches your Windows XP's default language. After downloading the NW Client you need to run the install/setup which is a 2-step process.

For example, if you downloaded to C:\TEMP then go to RUN | Open: C:\TEMP\name_of_file then click <OK>, where name_of_file is the NW Client you downloaded. When the file is finished unpacking there will be a single folder named Your_language in C:\TEMP. To find the path to the setup program, see below. (Your_language = English in the example...)



RUN | Open: C:\TEMP\Your_language\WINNT\i386\setupnw.exe

Click <OK> to start install of the client. Two choices need to made. Select "NetWare 4.x or higher (NDS)" and select "IPX only" for the protocol. You will need a user name & password to login to the server. The red letter N in the system tray, of the taskbar, can be used to make any needed configuration changes. Right Click on the N to map an unused drive letter to an available volume:directory_path.

Refer to a NetWare professional or application software vendor for further information or particular requirements for running apps that access files on the server.

Vincent Hoss

Yes you can, but watch out for SP2. I was connecting just fine from XP Pro to NW4.11 until I installed XP SP2 which killed the connection. After many other failed attempts at fixes, re-installing nwclient 4.90 sp2 made it work again. Using both IP + IPX protocols didn't give me any problems.

Kevin P. Driscoll

We run NetWare 4.11 as our main file and print server to 40+ WinXP clients. Client32 v4.90 is our connection method of choice. Timeslips 10.5, QuickBooks 2003, Access, and other DB's run fine from a variety of clients, some gigabit. My only issue is not being able to get a gigabit card to work with 4.11. Even over our switched network, it has been stable.

Andrea Gilbreath

I ran into problems with this, too, but here's the fix I found....

I went into add/remove programs and deleted NMAS. In the client properties, I clicked around until I found an NMAS option (in Advanced Login I think) and set Use NMAS to Off. I reinstalled the latest client (I'm using 4.91) with IP and IPX without reinstalling NMAS. It works great and lets me attach to anything. If you don't change that client properties setting, though, you get an NMAS error.

A buddy told that if you do a new install of 4.91 without putting on the older 4.90 first, this doesn't work - that you have to have the older client on first, then install the newer.

Best of luck!

Katrina Love

This does not work if Win XP SP2 is installed.

  1. Install the Windows client for NetWare in the install section of LAN properties.
  2. Enable the 802.1p QOS on the advanced properties for the network card if this option is shown.
  3. Reboot the PC after installation.
  1. Install Novell Client 4.9 SP2. (Correct as of June 05)
  2. Choose Custom install and select ip/ipx
  3. Reboot PC after installation.

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