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Strategy for Pitching Novell to the Boss: Side by Side Servers

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By Dave Rippy

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Posted: 1 Dec 2004

We recently ran a contest to see how our readers have been pitching Novell products up and down the org chart in their companies. Here is one of the entries we received; feel free to use this idea when it's budget season again.
If you have any additional suggestions, please let us know.

I don't really use the normal paper process to convince people to use Novell/Linux. I set up two servers, one with Windows and one with Novell/Linux. I run equivalent software on both and let the managers/owners run the software on both. I then show them the resource usage differences.

Depending on the customer's needs, I may point out specific features like salvage on Novell. I do use the SANS list of vulnerabilities occasionally to sway people. I don't total the vulnerabilities, I just let the managers/owners pick reports at random and compare the number of Windows problems compared with Novell/Linux.

I used to try to use 3rd-party comparisons and make up my own customer satisfaction reports. I've never had a manager or owner of a business take much notice. When they can run the software themselves, they are impressed.

I'm a consultant so I deal with many different customers in several different industries. These techniques work more than 95% of the time for server software. The other 5% run MS servers because of software that won't run on Novell or Linux. I wish I had a way to keep people from using MS windows XP. XP causes my largest number of trouble calls.

I know this doesn't meet your contest guidelines, I just wanted to tell you what I've discovered works over the last decade or so.

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