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Strategy for Pitching Novell to the Boss: Servers are Cheaper than Trucks

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By Dom Martin

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Posted: 1 Dec 2004

We recently ran a contest to see how our readers have been pitching Novell products up and down the org chart in their companies. Here is one of the entries we received; feel free to use this idea when it's budget season again.
If you have any additional suggestions, please let us know.

My name is Dom Martin, IT Manager for RPS/Regional Steel Corp, a leading supplier and installer of reinforcing steel and post-tensioning cable in the western United States. The least of my IT role is to leverage technology to achieve corporate objectives.

Last summer, our main corporate file and print server was due for a major upgrade. I had to make a pitch for a little capital investment. In these days of tight budgets and lowering profit margins, I have to be creative on presenting my case. Working for a construction company as an IT is tough. It is very hard to justify your projects because our business is more labor intensive than technology intensive.

I made my presentation to our CFO brief and to the point. I presented my case from the point of view of the construction people, who see trucks on jobsites as more useful than servers.

When I showed him first the picture of a truck, he thought I was asking for a truck. I used the cost of a truck to compare it with the cost of my upgrade project. I think I got my point across because my project came to pass.

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