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Troubleshooting a Slow Network

Novell Cool Solutions: Trench
By Laura Chappell

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Posted: 4 Mar 2002

Follow Laura Chappell in this Novell Connection article as she goes onsite and investigates what's slowing this client's network down.

Here's an excerpt:

As a protocol analyst, I am, of course, hired to analyze companies' networks. For example, a company may want me to troubleshoot a specific problem, such as slow network performance. A company may also want me to examine overall network performance, optimize network communications and design (correcting problems such as an application running across a WAN link), or look for security flaws or openings (including both physical security and electronic security).

This article recounts an onsite visit during which I was asked to correct a common network problem: slow network performance. This case study explores an actual company's network slowdown, showing how I identified the cause and proposed a solution. To ensure confidentiality, I have omitted the name of the company as well as specific details about the company.

Here's the full article:

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