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Managing the District's Servers From Home

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By Steve Scarbrough

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Posted: 30 Apr 2002

Steve manages a school district's 7-site MAN on NetWare 6 and AppleShare IP, eager to down the ASIP servers for good. He is busy raising his three girls in the upper midwest while avoiding "The Look" from his wife.

This cool solution has saved me untold times from "The LOOK." (ala ToolTime.)

I configured my home PC for VPN, and added static routes to the internal subnets. Now from home I can get inside the private network of the school district, and using NetWare Remote Manager, can manage the servers. No more "LOOK" from my wife, because I no longer need to travel to each site across town to manage the servers.

In setting up my home NAT Router, it was easy enough (for me) to get inside the district's firewall. But in moving to my first software VPN installation, I realized that after I could get to the first LAN inside the District firewall, I still couldn't get to the other subnets. In analyzing the VPN settings I saw that the software needed to initiate a session to a 10.x.x.x address, and as such, its gateway was the public WAN port of the firewall. I therefore added the other private subnets, 10.y.y.y, 10.z.z.z, etc. all with the primary gateway of the WAN port of the firewall. Once the static route was established, I could get in to the remote subnets.

My goal was indeed to get to the NetWare Remote Manager from home. As long as I remember that clicking DOWN has a remarkably different effect than Reset and Restart, I can stay home.

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