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How to Increase the Log Volume Size in iChain 2.2

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By Jim Short

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Posted: 31 Oct 2003


Is there any way in iChain 2.2 to increase the size of the log volume?


  1. Begin the iChain 2.2 installation process.
  2. After it restores the Primary DOS partition image and reboots for the first time, quickly hit F5 to skip the configuration files when you see "Starting Caldera DR-DOS...".
  3. Type
  4. Type c:\drdos\edit d:\nwserver\image.1
  5. Look for the line... nwimage /no_reboot /USERVOL=1024 ... and add /LOG=2048 (or whatever size you want the LOG volume to be in MB) on the end, so the line looks like... nwimage /no_reboot /USERVOL=1024 /LOG=2048
  6. Save the file and exit out of the edit program.
  7. Reboot the server and continue the iChain installation as normal.

Is there any kind of restriction on the max size?

It depends on the number and size of your hard drives. If you have 9GB drives you can go as high as 6GB. The larger the drive the larger the volumes.


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