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Restoring a file server

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By Dan Banning

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Posted: 24 Aug 2000

The tried and true technique of having to restore a file server through re-installing the OS and then restoring your data from back up just doesn't cut it anymore in the world of 24/7 up-time. Here is a procedure that I use to reduce the ammount of time spent recovering from a disaster.

  1. Buy ServerMagic, it will come in handy at many different times.(It includes ServerImage)
  2. After you have created your server and have it set up like you want it, boot the server to a boot disk that includes the Network Drivers and login to a another server.
  3. Using serverimage, create a image of your NetWare Parition(SYS) and the DOS partition. and store it on the server you logged in to.
  4. Then create a bootable cd containing the Image file and the ServerImage program.
  5. Because your sys volume shouldn't change that often, you have a quick 5-15 minute recovery of the core OS, from which you can restore your data from tape without having to take 1-2 hours loading NetWare and all of the service patches.

A couple of notes.

  1. Have DS backed up nightly somewhere else. More than likely changes have been made since the server image was made.
  2. Create your image once you have installed SYS and the various other mandatory programs. Be careful of the size or it won't fit on One cd, but if necessary you can span the image over several CD's.
  3. you can use other media, you can simply leave the image on a server and re-image from there, but I like being able to boot from a CD and doing it that way.
This is not practical as a 'nightly' backup solution, but it will help on disaster recovery, much like re-imaging a workstation when it becomes corrupted beyond repair, this just does it at a server level.

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