Greasing the Restore Skids

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By David Schon

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Posted: 18 Jul 2002

The problem:
Like many NetWare shops we've run into the problem of slow restores (~8MB/min) from time to time.

The solution:
To get a quicker restore, we found that if we went to the System Console on the target NetWare server and ran "monitor !h" >"server parameters" >"Communications". And then set both "TCP Nagle Algorithm" & "TCP Delayed Acknowledgement" to OFF, we typically get close to a 350MB/min restore speed.

The last word:
Don't forget to turn these back on when finished. (You can make the switch easier to turn on and off with a couple of custom NCFs (NetWare Control Files)).

Thanks to David Schon for this tip. If you have questions for David, he can be reached at dschon@mylanlabs.com

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