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Moving to New Hardware ... Gracefully

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By Barry Schnur

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Posted: 22 Jul 2002

Here are a handful of server migration tips we gleaned from the support forums. Since everyone's bound to face the migration phase sooner or later, we thought we would try to be ready when you are.

User Question:
How do I safely move all data and licenses from old to new server without changing NDS tree or server name. (i.e. The new server will totally replace the old server.)

Group Answer:
As an alternative to the TID John Pence (a frequent forum contributor) put together this note which may be useful here:

This process will let you swap the disk containing the sys volume with another disk in the same server. Very useful for upgrading server hard drives without using tape. (I've modified this to take into account the likely need for the replacement drive to be a DOS boot drive with the OS.)

  1. Install the new drive in the server.
  2. Using FDISK, create a DOS partition -- say 100M.
  3. Format the DOS partition with /S to include boot DOS files.
  4. Copy all files from the 'to be replaced' DOS partition over to the new drive with something like XCOPY C:\*.* D:\ /S /E /V
  5. Restart NetWare (from the original C drive).
  6. At the server prompt, load Install (and do not unload it until you restart the server at step 15). Create a NetWare partition on the new drive.
  7. Create a "newsys" volume on the new drive.
    NOTE: Remember to add long file name support on the new volume if you had it on the original volume.
  8. Copy data from sys to newsys -- Note: Ncopy will not retain rights. You will either need to use something like Arcserve's copy function, or something like fstrust. (FSTrust can be found at If rights are not an issue, then ncopy will work fine.
    Also, Novell provides a downloadable utility for handling rights as well -- TCOPY2.EXE (track it down at:
  9. Use the "dsmaint" of install to backup NDS to newsys:system
  10. Dismount sys
  11. Dismount newsys
  12. Rename sys to oldsys
  13. Rename newsys to sys
  14. Use the "dsmaint' of install to restore NDS
  15. Restart server
  16. Add license(s) back

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