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Configuring Your IP Print Solution

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By Jason Langdon

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Posted: 29 Jul 2002

Last week I posted to the NetWare support forum that I was trying to find a way to remove IPX from my network and needed an IP solution to NPrint. Craig Wilson and Keith V. Klenke both replied to inform me of an LPD client for Windows 95/98 that can be found at

After trying several different configurations with this "free" software, I realized that the printer name appears in several different places throughout the setup and must be the same in all places.

The first and second places where you must name the printer is upon creating a new NDPS printer object in NWAdmin and when providing NDS with a Host Address and a Printer Name (See figure 1, below). Make sure that the IP address you enter in the Host Address section is the IP address of the computer attached to the printer, and that it is statically assigned. When creating an NDPS Printer object the default printer name of PASSTHROUGH does not work.

The third occurrence of the printer name is on the client workstation that has the printer physically attached to LPT1 (See figure 2, below). Make sure the client workstation is printing to LPT1, not to the NDPS printer. Configuring this workstation to use the NDPS printer will create a loop that sends the print job between the workstation and the NDPS Manager without ever getting printed. All other clients on your network should be using the NDPS printer.

The fourth occurrence of the printers' name is in the LPD software itself. Once you double-click the LDP.exe and choose FILE and ADD PRINTER, the printer name must be entered three times (See figure 3 below).

While you are adding the printer to the LPD.exe software, you will need to choose FILE and SETUP to configure the spool directory and Allowed Hosts section.

Once I set the printer name to be the same in all occurrences, the LPD software worked perfectly. My department is now on its way to being 100 percent IPX free.

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