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Saving Shoeleather with ZENworks

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By Gerlad Hagn

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Posted: 26 May 1999

Jari H., a systems specialist for Genencor, International, explains how he uses ZENworks to reduce the amount of walking and driving he has to do to take care of two hundred workstations at two manufacturing plants.

Do you have a Walk Around Network or a Local Area Network? This question popped up quite often in my mind before I installed ZENworks. I have about 200 workstations in two manufacturing plants, with a distance of 350 kilometers (4 hours driving by car) between manufacturing plants.

I installed a new Intranet server and I needed to replace workstations %WINDIR%\hosts- file and add "no proxy for" settings to all 200 workstations around. What I could I do? I could either walk around all workstations or I could use ZENworks. So, how did I solve this problem with ZEN?

  1. After I added "no proxy for" address to "no proxy for" field, I exported Windows 95/NT registry to an ASCII file by using regedit /e registry.txt.
  2. In registry.txt I located the settings needed for "no proxy for," and I cut and pasted those sections to a new file called ieupdate.reg.
  3. In ieupdate.reg I added REGEDIT4 to the first line of that file. It is a marker for Windows (95 or NT) indicating that file is a registry file (+*.reg extension).
  4. I copied the hosts- file to a shared location on the file server (sys:public\updates\tcp).
  5. I added an application icon, which includes settings from ieupgdate.reg file and copies the hosts- file to %WINDIR%\ location (if Win95).

Result? Each workstation was updated automatically and the new Intranet server could be accessed by everyone.

This is only one example of how ZENworks is utilized in our company. Other good examples are Oracle Developer Reports/Forms/Browser runtime automation, software delivery, etc.

The only disadvantage that I know of is that before ZENworks I did exercise a lot (Walk Around Network). And now, with ZENworks, I have grown fat. In fact, without ZENworks we needed at least two to four more PC-support people to handle the "Walk Around" Network.

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